General Objective

Empower FASOL’s beneficiary groups, organizations and communities, through the development of abilities that will allow them to more efficiently perform their tasks and achieve a greater technical, operative and management autonomy, addressing both their nature and their specific objectives.

Specific objectives.

Improve the abilities of FASOL’s beneficiary groups, organizations, and communities, to so they may be able to:

  1. Improve both their social and productive integration and organization;
  2. Adequately manage by themselves the financial resources they require for their activity.
  3. Advocate and take care of the environment and territory in the regions where they operate, and influence in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the environmental public policies and actions of the government.
  4. Prevent and manage conflicts and develop the necessary protocols in order for their activities to take place in a safe environment, and
  5. Promote knowledge exchange between FASOL’s beneficiary groups, organizations and communities, so that, through their experiences, they can achieve better organization and management for the development of their projects and realization of their objectives.

For these objectives, our Strategy is comprised by five components:

We have designed training workshops-courses for each component to strengthen the corresponding skills.


Social Management for the Environmental and Territorial Protection