Partnership Building

In FASOL we are aware that if we work together, not only with the community and grassroots groups, but also building partnerships with those interested in boosting local development processes that arise from the community, we can help the communities achieve self-management and for them to be responsible with the use of their natural resources, their land and their destiny.

Working with partnerships is a mechanism that allows those of us that share similar goals, to work together in innovative ways, based on a diversity of interests, abilities and ways of contribution that each one can provide. It is a way to restructure where it is possible, and co-create when it is needed, the environment that is required to support and promote a sustainable, just, fair and inclusion-oriented local development.

That is why it is crucial for FASOL the creation of “Alianzas Estratégicas” along with other institutions (financiers or non-financiers) to achieve our goals and our mission. We know that this boosts the benefits for the grassroots and the community groups, as well as the impact that these generate in the communities where they develop their projects. FASOL builds and works in partnership with other donors and organizations that work on social and environmental initiatives. Some of these partnerships with other donors are:

o   Filantropía Comunitaria (national)

o   Mujeres y Ambiente (national/subject focused)

o   Alianza Global de Fondos Socio-Ambientales (international)

o   Grupo de donantes del Noroeste (regional/international)

o   Pueblos Originarios y Patrimonio Biocultural (regional/international)

Community bonds. Educational institutions and other NGO



Financial Partners

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